Sunday, January 25, 2015

Kid Book Review - Bash and Lucy Fetch Jealousy

Bash and Lucy Kid Picture Book
Bash and Lucy Kid Picture Book

A cute entertaining kid story!

I read Bash and Lucy Fetch Jealousy to my daughter who loves dogs. She really enjoyed Lucy's (Bash's dog) playfulness and desire to bring smile to the kids faces. In the story, Lucy goes off to entertain another soccer team with her licks, love and playfulness. Bash (the main character and Lucy's owner) gets jealous. 

My daughter could relate because she sometimes gets that kid jealousy pet feeling when our dog Baxter (another kid picture book dog) pays more attention to her siblings than to her. Jealousy is a good emotion for kids to understand, especially because it can cause problems in situations where many times a problem really doesn't exist. Lucy's best friend will always be Bash, which is something Bash had to learn. Bash also  realized it was okay to share Lucy's special qualities.

This is a wonderfully illustrated story that touches on more than just jealousy. It also talks about service dogs and how different they are from your every day dog, making Lucy just as valuable. Animals bring life and love. This book shares the special friendship Bash and Lucy have.

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