Thursday, January 22, 2015

Patriots Cheating! Are They Deflating Kids Faith?

Please tell me it's not true! Please tell me that my favorite NFL Team -"The New England Patriots", didn't deflate the footballs just to win! Please tell me that you would never stoop this low just to win! Please tell me that you will always be honest and play with integrity!

We, NFL Patriots fans, deserve an honest answer to if you deflated 11 of 12 footballs prior to the NFL Super Bowl Playoff game as reported by Chris Mortensen of ESPN.

If it comes out that you not only cheated, but lied about it, my kids and I will be wearing blank red, white or blue shirts on NFL Super Bowl XLIX 2015 (#NoPatriotsLogo), signifying that I as a parent will not support cheating or lying just to win a football game. 
My kids NFL Patriot Fans

I have been a loyal New England Patriots fan since I can remember, having been raised in southern New Hampshire. And I raised my kids to absolutely love the "Patriots". But I'm torn, and my kids faith in this team has been deflated.

The word "Patriots" means a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors. They are the ones we love because they are there for us, the people! They represent us as a nation. They are the ones who wear red (valor), white (innocence) and blue (justice). 

This Super Bowl XLIX 2015 Playoff game has left a bad taste in my mouth. There are people who are trying to destroy the Patriots (and Bill Belichick's) reputation. Is that what is happening here? Or did the Patriots again do something unethical?

That leaves me as a mom, a fan, having to sit down with my kids and explain why our favorite NFL team cheated or why people are trying to ruin the Patriots reputation. What world do we live in? What message are we trying to teach our children?

My oldest son NFL Patriots Fan
I pride myself as a parent to raise my kids to be honest. That is one of the greatest messages I convey in the Wunderkind Family children's books. And when it comes to sports, or any competitive activity, my kids know that you win or lose with pride and portraying great sportsmanship. If you practice and try your best, then that is what counts - win or lose. 

The New England Patriots NFL team have left loyal, dedicated fans angry, disappointed and confused. They, the Ravens, the Colts and the media have left parents wondering if role models will truly exist again.

Cheating and lying are not acceptable in my house; as is making up stories that hurt other's. 

I hope the facts come out. And if it's true about the New England Patriots, my family will not be wearing their logo on NFL Super Bowl XLIX 2015. If it was a rumor where someone wanted to again tarnish the Patriots (specifically Belichick and Brady) reputation, I hope they are punished for the emotional ups and downs they have caused us fans.

Update, February, 2015! I'm really glad the Patriots won the Super Bowl! And after discussing with my kids, we ended up wearing the Patriots logo! 

Update, May 7, 2015! Ugh! The media is saying it's true - Brady was involved with deflating the footballs. I'm really bummed. Why can't people and teams be ethical and honest? Why can't celebrities be good role models for our kids. Brady really let us down. He deserves to be benched if it is true. Winning at all costs isn't a viable answer. Winning because you are the best, is!


  1. Looks like you will be wearing blank shirts. Bad either way as it takes away what sports is realy about.

    1. It really does. I hope it's not true, but so far it doesn't look good. I'll be posting a picture of me and my kids on Super Bowl @MelissaMoraja. If true, I hope other's won't wear their logo either to reinforce that good sportsmanship and honesty are always the best solution!