Friday, January 16, 2015

ZORAA Voltii World's Smallest Smartphone 3000 mah Charger Review

I received the ZORAA Voltii World's Smallest Smartphone Charger for my honest opinion as a Tomoson product reviewer. 

So far the ZORAA smartphone charger has worked like a charm, quickly charging my phone. It's slick looking,  making it appealing to show friends. It has a boxier shape compared to the other portable compact chargers I own, which I absolutely am a huge fan of. This is the only smartphone portable charger I own that doesn't roll off my table when you set it down. 

The ZORAA charger is heavier though. Being the World's smallest smartphone charger, I would have expected it to be lighter than my other portable chargers. Length wise it's slightly shorter and width-wise it was a little wider (as you can see from the below photo).

Pros: 100% Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee. You really can't be that. It's sleek looking. It's boxier shape keeps it from rolling off a table. It comes with an outlet charger and car charger. The bag it came with is a black velvet and allows you to tote around the charger and accessories. It comes in three different colors - red, blue and black. 

Smallest Portable Smartphone Charger
Cons: Heavier than expected. Not as small as I would have thought it was going to be. I actually was hoping for it to be half the size of my present portable chargers for easier travel and storage. The black velvet bag it comes with is a little larger than needed.

Overall, with a 100% Lifetime Money Back Guarantee, you can't beat trying this charger out!

For more information and ability to purchase the World's smallest smartphone charger head to Amazon. You'll also find additional reviews.

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