Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Beginners Guide to Astrology and Its Signs

Sun Sign Astrology
Many of us know our Sun Sign, but aren't aware of other astrological factors that can be used to gain a better understanding of who we are and why certain events are happening in our lives.

Today's astrology has evolved significantly since the first known organized system of astrology, Babylonian Astrology. Like the Babylonians, we still are able to use the planets and stars to predict the likelihood of possible catastrophic events such as flooding and war. But now we are also able to gain a better understanding of a person's personality, strengths, weaknesses, interests and even possible future events such as a career change and relocation.

The following is a guest blog post - Beginners Guide to Astrology and Its Signs - written by Karen Sealy, a psychic and astrologer, providing insight into each Sun Signs element which gives you a little bit more information about who you are. 

The meaning behind studying astrology is to formulate a connection between the movements of planetary bodies in the sky and events in our own lives back on Earth. It is very revealing to study these positions and movements as planets are continuously moving so there is a different prediction waiting every day.

Astrology is common among those members of the general public who read their star signs in a newspaper, otherwise known as Sun Sign astrology. This sign is calculated in the same way that the different signs of the zodiac work, so using a particular date range of the month that you were born in. Apply your birthday to the list below to work out your Sun Sign element and then read about what these say about you underneath.

Earth Sign
Capricorn:     Dec 22nd – Jan 19th.
Taurus:         April 20th – May 20th.
Virgo:           Aug 23rd – Sept 22nd.

What they lack in energy, Earth Signs make up for in persistence and determination, seeing projects right through to the end. Their practical, nurturing and careful characteristics make them extremely suitable as business advisors, teachers and bankers. They possess good leadership qualities and give their advice freely. Earth Signs tend to take a long time to trust people fully and can appear withdrawn and contemplative because of this, but once the trust has been gained they will come across as the complete opposite and be loyal to the very last.

Air Sign
Aquarius:    Jan 20th – Feb 18th.
Gemini:       May 21st – June 20th.
Libra:         Sept 23rd – Oct 22nd.

Those with a faster pace of life are most often the Air Signs among us. They are forgiving, great communicators and determined to find out the truth behind every situation as they seek to keep everything running smoothly. Many activists are Air Signs which is noticeable in their persistence to power ahead and make necessary changes. You’ll also find that with being an Air sign you swing between mind-sets and change your course of action on a regular basis – ploughing your energy into a new cause every week. They will, however, always make you laugh along the way.

Water Sign
Pisces:         Feb 19th – Mar 20th.
Cancer:       June 21st – July 22nd.
Scorpio:      Oct 23rd – Nov 21st.

No pun intended, Water Signs are the deepest signs of the zodiac, always looking for the deeper meaning in life and love. It’s rarely entirely clear what a Water Sign is thinking and, likewise, they feel little need to know the thoughts of others, potentially appearing remote and detached as a result. Breaking the trust of a Water Sign is very hard to regain as their loyalty is strong, and they can become very protective over those deemed vulnerable. Water Signs also boast a very creative flare that stems from their free imagination and results in wondrous pieces of art or intriguing novels.

Fire Sign
Aries:          Mar 21st – April 19th.
Leo:           July 23rd – Aug 22nd.
Sagittarius:  Nov 22nd – Dec 21st.

Fire sign people are leaders with dynamic personalities that put the get-up-and-go in everyone else. They are charismatic and energetic, not afraid to speak their mind and the truth. While they may cause offence to others on their quest to the top, Fire Signs are not purposely spiteful – they simply don’t have the time for any idle day dreamers. Fire Signs will either be loved for their passionate love of life, or disliked for their bossy, powerful points of view. Either way, they are the life and soul of any party, competing with Air Signs for the most attention.

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