Thursday, February 12, 2015

Creative Writing For Kids With InkJoy Pens

My oldest three kids talk about becoming a children's author someday, but only one of the three actually likes to write. And even though she likes to write, she doesn't choose to do it in her spare time.

Writing for my kids was like a chore. They would whine and sulk if my husband and I even mentioned it to them. Four kids whining and sulking can make any parent was exhausting to deal with. There were times I would just send them up to their room to practice writing so I wouldn't have to experience their torturing moans

Then one day last summer, it hit me. They are kids and it was up to me as parent to make those things they dread to do more fun.

Seven Creative Writing Tips to Encourage Your Child to Write:
InkJoy Pens for writing
Writing with InkJoy Pens
  1. Use colored pens and pencils! This has been the most fun for my kids! Recently I received a free sample of InkJoy Pens as a Smiley360 agent. These pens are amazing! They come in so many fun colors like pink, orange, purple, blue and green. The best part of these pens is that they don't tire your hand when you write. My twin sons hand always hurts if he writes too long, which has been his number one excuse for why he can't write. These pens have been remarkable with motivating him to write. He loves the colors and how effortless they are to use.
  2. Write a letter to your favorite actor or musician, mentioning why you are a fan. We wrote a letter to the President of the United States once and also Tom Brady. The best part is when your child receives a response back. Their eyes light up and they feel important.
  3. Make your own thank you and birthday cards from blank cards. Have your child decorate the front and write their own little Thank you and birthday wishes inside it. 
  4. Create a poster board for an event such as a holiday with words and pictures. We make home made posters and banners for birthdays, holidays, sporting events and even charities. It's a great way to stimulate your child's creativity, while supporting things they love.
  5. Document a memory like a recent vacation and put in your memory box.  Each of my kids has a memory box which they put special pictures an other things they want to remember when they are older. For every memory they want to remember, I encourage them to include a note with it highlighting the date, who was there and why it is special.
  6. Create lists. I have my kids create to do lists, shopping lists, birthday lists and Christmas lists, using colorful pens and pencils like InkJoy pens.
  7. Set goals. This is another fantastic way to get your kids writing flowing. My kids create New Years resolutions. We set goals for their summer break. It allows them to strive to achieve something.
I'd love to hear how you encourage your kids to write. 


  1. I Absolutely love this post. My daughter is 5 and she likes writing although when it is time to practice writing she is less inclined to do so. But if she is playing with crayons, she will write a silly story and draw pictures...she likes to pretend to do what I do (I am trying to become a published children's book author.) So it is cute, and she has been dying for the ink joy pens, which I plan to get and throw in the Easter basket shhh! Thank you so much for writing this post and sharing on the Kid Lit Blog Hop!

    1. Hi! I'm so glad you enjoyed this post! The InkJoy pens are so fun! All of my kids have really gotten into writing and drawing because I published children's books. Can't wait to share your first children's book when it's published!

  2. So many great ideas to get kids writing. My daughter loves to write about our vacations. I always get her a special journal for each one and she documents each day's events before going to bed. Thanks for sharing!