Thursday, February 26, 2015

Grand Slam Manager Bullies Kids Bringing Them to Tears - Matthews NC

Really not cool what the owner and manager of Grand Slam did, bringing four kids to tears.

Here's the low down...  My two 10 year old kids, my daughters girlfriend and her younger brother who just turned 8 years old were waiting for Grand Slam Baseball Batting in Matthews, NC to open up.  We were all so excited!

Like a normal kid, the little second grade boy I was babysitting said he thinks the lights inside the facility are on so he tried to open the front door. It was locked with a sign that read Closed. What kid doesn't try to open a door even if it's closed.

Guess it set off the alarms. None of us knew the alarms went off because he tried to open a locked glass door. A few minutes later, he mentioned to me that the alarm was going off. I told him that one of the employees probably forgot the alarm password when they entered. Never did I think he set off the alarms by pulling on a locked door. The alarms kept sounding, which then got all the kids worried that maybe burglar was trying to break in.

When Grand Slam Batting opened up, a manager (older lady) at the counter said with a stern face that my bratty kids set off the alarm. She was so rude and unfriendly. I was dumb founded and taken totally off guard. I had no idea they did it.

I said I was sorry and asked if she was sure. In a cold tone, she said it was your kids. I again apologized, but that wasn't good enough. She went on to say, "Didn't you read the sign? I said it says closed. I remarked that there wasn't any sign that said, "Don't touch the front doors because it will set the alarms off." Then she said, "Yeah, closed means don't touch the doors."

Within minutes the owner (Pete who has to be my mom's and dad's age, if not older) came in, yelling in front of everyone. He shouted, "Which one of you goofballs set off the alarm?" He continued to shout, "Who set off the alarms? Which one of you set off the alarms?" No one knew what he was talking about, not even my kids or the the kids I was watching! So none of the kids answered him.

He made his way down towards my kids and the two kids that came with us, looked at them and yelled, "No one is going to man-up and confess!" They were in tears, because a strange man was yelling at them. He scared them with his tone and accusations.

That's when I turned around (not knowing who this strange man was), noticed he was heading towards my kids, so I shouted (because he was far away), how inappropriate it was for him to yell at them in front of everyone. I also stated that they are kids and didn't even know that they actually set off the alarms.

He turned to me and first said that he was just joking (even if he was, he should have never addressed any issue with them directly. They are kids. He is a stranger.)  I said, "It doesn't sound like you are joking." I also let him know that he had no right to yell at those kids. Then he walked towards me shouting, "I don't care that they are kids" and "Can't you read the sign?"  I said that the sign says closed and didn't say anything about if you pull on the door that the alarms will go off. He then walked over to me, standing inches from my face talking in a very loud authoritative tone, "You can leave. We don't need you as a customer." After we both said a few more words, he then walked me and my two kids out along with the two kids I was babysitting, opened the door and said, "I hope you never come back."

Feeling a guilty conscious, Pete did come over to my car and tried apologizing to all four kids who were balling their eyes out in my car. I haven't a clue why, but he called them bratty kids as he was apologizing, which offended them and me even more. He tried to make the situation appear to not be a big deal. He never once said sorry to me or tried to work out the situation. He was mean, cold and arrogant; and personally appeared to be an adult bully.

The owner did say one more thing that really surprised me. He said that he treats people like this all time and for me not to take it personally. SERIOUSLY? Isn't this considered bullying by an adult?

Adults that treat their customers and kids like this and make them cry is not acceptable customer service. All he needed to do was come up to me and ask to talk to me in private. But he didn't. He went and addressed the issue with kids who didn't even know who he was. He over stepped his managerial responsibilities and appeared to be an adult bully.

During the whole craziness, not one parent, not one mom and not one dad intervened. Dads and mom’s all stood there letting him yell at me and the kids. I even turned and looked at the parents and said, "Am I wrong? Would you let this man come storming in and start yelling at your kids." One woman with blond hair mumbled, "No." Then Pete shouted, "Don't get them involved. They have nothing to do with this."

What would you do if an adult manager treated you and your kids like this? How would you react?


Anonymous said...

well, the good thing,, you or your family, never has to darken Pete's door again, other places will be happy to let your kids come in, hit and have some fun. As an older guy myself, and a coach here in Mint Hill for over 35 years, 12 at Ind. HS, NO ROOM for anyone to yell at kids, period, as they are KIDS, right, perhaps he was having a melt down moment, but NO EXCUSE, he was wrong, many other positive ways to get your point across to young ones, without raising ones voice, acting a bully, or whatever, sorry that happened to you folks,,,,, his business foundation is comprised of kids, and people visiting, he would be wise to remember it, in my humble opinion...
Kelly Moore

Anonymous said...

Please pray for Pete. A truly happy person does not feel like treating people so unkindly. He must be deeply suffering.

Anonymous said...

Maybe no one helped you because your kids were running wild, you weren't even watching them, and the other parents knew you and your kids were the ones showing rudeness to everyone else. It would be a lovely world if no one yelled at anyone else, but that can't happen as long as there are people who don't raise their children to be patient, polite, and considerate of others

Anonymous said...

As an employee under Pete and Lynn for over 4 years in the past, this story sounds a little stretched to say the least..

During my time their, I couldn't even count on one hand the amount of times that I pulled on those front two glass doors as hard as I could before the hours of operation, yet never did have the alarm go off on me.. Making me wonder what really happened, and giving me reason to believe that Pete indeed did have a reason to be upset.

Working under Pete and Lynn for 4 years and knowing them since I was just 7 years old, I can easily say that they have been some of the most influential role models that I have come across in my entire life, molding me into the man I am today. Full of love, encouragement, and wisdom. This power couple that runs Grand Slam USA is the real deal and should not be judged by one interaction regardless of the truth behind it.

As they are not in this business for the money to say the least, instead of retiring (which they could), they choose to put forth their effort and time towards a greater cause to help the youth. Pete and Lynn absolutely love not only developing great ball players, but also developing great kids off the field as well.

Don't believe everything you hear people..

Anonymous said...

I figured you wouldn't allow any posts that were not fully in support of you. So in addition to setting a bad example for your children, you are also bullying a business via web. What do you want? Money? Free lessons for your little darlings? Or to shut down one more American business? Outstanding Mom. That really teaches your kids a lesson. Let it go

Anonymous said...

I would recommend you go online and leave reviews of what occurred. The reason being, if this is the "norm" for the owner and his staff, what happens if he reacts like this to children when their parents are not present to intervene? What if this happens during summer camp, etc.? This is the type of information I use to determine where I take my business...where my kids go to summer camp, or where I allow them to go when they sleepover at friends' homes, etc. I'm sorry no one stood up for you - I would have said something. The alarm has likely been triggered many times before...hence the staff and owners' over-the-top reactions. Referring to any child or his/her parents by derogatory name-calling (e.g., calling your children brats in front of them and anyone else) is completely unprofessional and unnecessary. Unfortunately, we all have "bad days," but in no way does this man's personal life (good or bad) justify his highly unprofessional behavior! He is the adult, and no adult has the right to address another person's child/ren that way.

Anonymous said...

That post you allow through? The one full of lies & distortions? So you do want them to close their doors? So who is the Bully?

Melissa Perry Moraja said...

I've mentioned that he is more than welcome to contact me and the parents of the kids that were with me who he accused. The little boy who just turned 8 was in tears and scared, as were my two kids. There were other kids there who were shocked and scared by the managers actions. Grand Slam managers may be the sweetest family oriented people, but they didn't portray that. This was the little boys first time ever at Grand Slam and he's welcomed by the Manager coming towards him yelling and accusing him of setting off the alarms. The little boys parents weren't even there to defend him. The managers should have discussed everything with me in private.

Anonymous said...

Funny how it gets blamed on the "Mom" with the kids. I am sure a "Dad" would not have put up with that. He had no right yelling at her or her kids period. If he had a problem he needed to take it up with the adult in the situation and not the kids., in a respectful manner. Now she is telling her story and everyone is blasting her, not very fair. I have been in there before and they are not near as friendly as stated above. Stand up MOM because no one else will!!!!!

Anonymous said...

As a mom myself I would have done the same thing as you! No matter how others act we always have little eyes on us...24/7. Our kids see and hear everything so I applaud you for handling it as you did. Its also very sad to see adults defending the owners behavior!!! Ive been in customer service for 20yrs and there is no excuse...PERIOD!! We all have bad days and make mistakes (and seems like you would just like an apology) but this is more than that. I will never go there and if this is the true attitude of the owners...they wont be around much longer. Also...the comments defending him speaks volumes of the ones hiding behind a computer and writing it! Stay strong and keep doing what is right ;) Prayers and love!

James Couture said...

melissa that's horrible even if the kids did do it i'm sure it was a accident besides the lady and the owner had no right yelling at you that way the customer is always right besides i'll bet if the local paper got wind of this the owner would look like a ass

James Couture said...

wow melissa that's horrible i mean even if the kids did do it i'm sure it was a accident no need for that lady and the owner to yell at the kids like that i mean the customer is always right i mean accidents do happen i'll bet if the local paper got wind of this the owner would look like a ass

Goat Gal said...

Oh my word! What a jerk! I mean really how do you maintain a business that is kid based with that sort of behavior! That would have made my inner mama grizzly come out.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm..... You seem like a very ordinary psycho mom to me?

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